Our publishing offer, which includes professional publications promoting selected groups of useful plants important for horticulture:
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“Fascynujące kalmie”
(“Fascinating Kalmie”)

Julia Westhoff, Karl-Heinz Hübbers
ISBN: 978-83-956964-0-4

“Fascinating Kalmie” is the first, not only in Polish dendrological literature, such extensive publication devoted to the genus Kalmia. “Until now, the only comprehensive work devoted to this species was the English-language publication by Dr. Richard A. Jaynes from the United States … The popularity and number of cultivars of kalmia is increasing significantly, which motivated a group of European lovers and breeders of kalmia to create an up-to-date publication.”

The book shows the decorative values of these plants, introduces the cultivation requirements, and shows the possibilities of integrating them into the garden. Professional descriptions of types of kalmia with beautiful photos and a catalog of numerous varieties make this publication unique! A position worth recommending to a wide range of readers, from dendrologists and growers-gardeners to amateurs – home garden owners.

The book is published in Polish language. Available soon in English.

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The price does not include transport costs - they are set individually.

“Różaneczniki i azalie”
(“Rhododendrons and Azaleas”)
Hanna Grzeszczak-Nowak, Piotr Muras
ISBN: 978-83-925110-7-6

The book contains descriptions of over 110 species, subspecies and botanical varieties of the Rhododendron group, which are in the collections of botanical gardens and arboretums, and in the collections of private collectors in Poland. Numerous descriptions (the publication presents nearly 850 varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas), illustrated with color photos (843 pcs.) Of these plants.

The readability of the descriptions of the varieties is enhanced by pictograms containing the most important information presented in a graphic form. For each variety, the height of the plant, flowering date, position and cultivation requirements, frost resistance zone and additional information about the specific characteristics of the variety, e.g. aromatic flowers, are given.

The index at the back of the book helps you navigate through this item efficiently.

The book is published in Polish language. 

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